About Jos and Ingrid

The owners Jos and Ingrid returned from Congo in 1990. Shortly afterwards, they started renovating the parental home and furnishing the guest rooms.

Jos is a Germanist and likes to tell you about the rich history of the region and the County of Loon.

Ingrid has studied agriculture and wrote a thesis about organic farming. She is fascinated by nature and is environmentally conscious. At Het Loonderhof, she therefore offers organic food. This is not only better for your health, but also for the planet. In addition, farmers receive a fairer compensation. At Het Loonderhof she tends the vegetable garden. She grows organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. She processes them in meals, jams, herbal infusions and other products.

About Het Loonderhof

Het Loonderhof literally means “farm in Borgloon” and it was built circa 200 years ago by the family, just outside the former city gate of Borgloon.
Borgloon means “castle on a wooded hill” and it was the main town of the County of Loon 1000 years ago. In the meantime, the counts’ fortress has been demolished, but from the hill at 118 meters above sea level, you still have a phenomenal view of the Haspengouw region .

Het Loonderhof in Borgloon is therefore a beautiful piece of history and has been renovated with respect for tradition and authentic elements. This way you enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with all the charm of nostalgia.


We try to run our business in a sustainable way. We serve as many seasonal products from our own region, preferably organic and fair trade. We also buy ingredients from small-scale producers who respect the environment.
We strive for less food waste and waste in general. That is why we do not serve individual portions, you can serve yourself. In the fridge you will only find glass bottles.

We purchase green electricity and a solar boiler provides us with hot water. We do the washing with rainwater and ecological washing products. You sleep in pure cotton sheets. You can even leave your car behind and take the bus in front of the B&B to Tongeren or Sint-Truiden.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at 0032 12 74 11 84 or fill in the contact form.